Maurizio Fantini *
Alexander De Vree * for Joop! Underwear (Italy)
Paolo Bastia *
Peter Dhaenens * for Bronson and Four Roses (Be)
Johny Willemyns for OnyOnik (Belgium)
Cedric Bernolet OMP#167055
Rolf Siemensen for Noruega Studio OMP#30371
Marc Troch
Vincent Van Beusekom OMP#160570 * for Allura by Imke (NL)
Willem Mulder *
Steve Armor for Studio 181 OMP#149576
Chris Morley for Studio De Zolder MM# 440691 OMP#118147 * for Jade Magazine (UK) and Webers fashion (Holland)
Stefania Resasco * for NRG Records cd cover and calendar "Without a Word"
Pratham Photography OMP#12788
Javier Carmona OMP#126927
Claudio Collina
Wim Van Oest for YoYo Art (bodypainting)
Peter De Jonge
Roderick Lloyd
Lino Minniti
Karl Robert Denton for his "My Blue Jean Jacket" book publication (USA)
Roberto Casmirri for Conny Van Kasteel stock photography agency (Italy)
Edward J Evans Intimate Photography (California, USA)
Omar Ghirardelli*
Stefan Hoeven
Peter Kreuze
Jasper Van Toorenburg
Henk Ketting
Sergio Barrocchetti for Volare Magazine (It)
David Van Den Broeck
Anthony Van Gelder aka A. Anthonini
Simon Dochez
FZ Italia
Mino Della Porta* for 2002 calendar personal project
Frank Bastil
Nat Deryckere for NatWork & Marquise Model Agency
Cecil Sharps
Pang Li
FandP for his "Bella di Notte" photographic project *
Patrizia Sambri for Rita Degli Esposti Made in Italy fashion campaign
M.Sergë MM#1034791
De La Tour Pierre aka John Studio MM#1403141
Johan Bertels *
Fritz Van Duinen for Big Twin Magazine (Nov 2010 issue, The Netherlands)*
Willy Roomers*
Studio Vc Photography for Big Dog Motorcycles Europe and KMW apparel (Belgium) *
Ricksan Photography for Stern magazine
Wim Hogewoning
Ben Erst
Remy Hart*
Didier De Daniloff*
Capture It -Looksee *
Emmepi Photography
Andy Hornsby for American V Magazine (July 2013 issue, UK & Ireland)
Chiara Moraglio for NRG records *
Steve Malone
Alex Love for Top posters 2021
Walter Wohler
Coole Sacke
Paul Busellato
Geert De Kinderen
Triscele *
Pierre Franssen
Ton Stappers
Kurt Pulfliet- Costa Blanca Luz
Orso Limited
Walter Koopman
Giampaolo Vincenzi for studio 3.0

... and many more!

L'Oréal (Bologna, Italy) *
Muester&Dickson (Rimini, IT)
Parah (Bologna, Italy)
Emporio Armani (Bologna, IT)
Foschi Vladim (Ferrara, IT)
Primo Emporio (Rimini, IT)
Tony&Guy (Modena, IT)
Scrupoli (Ravenna, IT)
Vincent Pafumi (Milan, IT- Fashion Week S/S 2012)
Asian Paints (Milan, IT - Expo 2015)
Glam Night for Glam Parrucchieri (Imola, IT 2017)


Miss Eleganza 2001 (IT)
Una Ragazza per Il Cinema 2001- National Pageant (IT)
Miss Wella 2003 for Miss Italia
Ballo Amore e... Fantasia -Music Show- Rete 4 Mediaset- 2002 (IT)
Dolce Amaro -Tv Talk show- Telesanterno- 2008 (IT)
See Your Face -Roby Pinna & T-J Fastor ft. Keyra - Videoclip directed by Andrea Bertero 2009 (IT)
Vectron Tv - Charly Drei 2012 - Münster (Germany)
My Heart Belongs to You - Roby Pinna feat. Keyra - Videoclip by Andrea Bertero 2013 (IT)
The conquest of the Castel - Robert Fogelberg 2016 short movie (IT- Sweden)
Radio personalizzata spot - Andrea vialardi 2019 (IT) - Reg Leenens 2021 (NL)

(* = worked with multiple times)