Still Come Back to me - Pop Music Foundry feat. Keyra - NRG Records 2022 (IT)

My heart belongs to you -121212 film soundtrack -Roby Pinna vs Keyra -NRG Records 2012 (Italy)

Pedal Classics - Volkswagen beetle 1956 - shot by Reg Leenens 2021 (The NL)

Pedal Classics - Opel Olympia 1940- shot by Reg Leenens 2021 (The NL)

Radio Personalizzata official video spot 2019 - directed by Andrea Bertero (Italy)

Milano Moda Donna S/S 2012 for Vincent Pafumi

Glam Fashion Night - Glam Parrucchieri - Palazzo Marchi 2017, Imola (Italy)

The conquest of the Castle - short movie directed and produced by Robert Fogelberg 2015 (Italy-Sweden)

"See Your Face" videoclip, featuring and performed by model&singer Kiara Z aka Keyra
(music by Roby Pinna and T-J Fastor)
Video by Andrea Bertero - NRG Records 2010